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Who is Ari?

Hello, I'm Ari. I am a computer engineer. I've been working as a software development specialist at a software company, playing the piano for 17 years and I am a bass chorist in Magma & Bogazici Jazz Choir Family.

I have always had a special interest and curiosity in technology and art in my life. While making my department selections in line with these areas of interest, I had no difficulty in determining all my preferences as Computer Engineering. 🙂

My university period was very enjoyable and experiential, as it developed under the main subject of computer, which I am passionate about. In the last year of my university term, with the accelerating effect of a professor, I opened this blog and published articles on the books I read in which I tried to explain both my own comments and the message of the book with my own pen.

Although I am very interested in all issues related to computers, my main areas of interest are artificial intelligence, machine learning, information security, network security, computer networks, web applications and mobile applications.

I constantly follow developments in technology and computer science. I strive to gain new knowledge and experience on these issues. I've always liked coding because what we can do with coding is limited by our imagination, coding is like logical creativity for me.

I believe that computers or information technologies in general will improve the world and advance rapidly in the future. I have always wanted computers to take part in big and important parts of my life, and I follow my goals in the way that my dreams have drawn to make it that way.


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